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Mexico City Workshops:

Introduction to Beyond 26+2
Sapana Yoga Studio

24-26 February 2017
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Core 40 Master Class
Lomas Bikram Yoga

Saturday – 4 March 2017
9 a.m. – 12:00 noon

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Stoke the Heat From Within!

25% Off

Tony’s 84 Asanas: Level 1, 2 & 3
3 New 40-Posture Systems

Perpetual Yogis, Instructors & Aspiring Instructors

18 March – 2 April 2017
16 September – 1 October 2017


Workshop & Lodging:


Malaga, Spain
(at the beach)

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Beyond 26+2 is Tony’s all new 84 Asanas: Level 1, 2 & 3.

Each level is a 40-posture system that can be simplified, modified or intensified.

You have the option to complete a 200+ hour Teacher Training with independent
study courses and activities, or:
Perpetual Yogis and Instructors come to enjoy and learn as a continuing education.

New Level 1 system – Ghosh Vinyasa – 40 postures.

Students are really enjoying Ghosh Vinyasa, Level 1. We spend the first 8 days with this
new 40-posture system evolving from what most of you are already familiar with.

We start with the foundations of practice following the anatomical planes and
your axis, in alignment with the earth.

My focus in all systems is therapeutic, sustainable and progressive practice and teaching.

After a day off, we start the last 7 mornings with 84 Asanas: Level 2,
based on my Master’s Core 40 system.

Learn to create and alternate your own systems as needed.
Teaching begins with understanding your own practice with limitations,
strengths, achievable goals and the method to reaching them.

The last 7 afternoons we cover the 84 Asanas: Level 3,
an advanced system of 40-postures from Ghosh’s complete system.
I will share what I know about the Ghosh lineage, yoga in general and my
30 years of practice.

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Solo practitioners: learn the foundations of a sustainable practice for any lineage with

Core 26+ Home Practice Primer – details

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Invitation to Studio Owners
Mentor Aspiring Instructors
Beyond 26+
200+ Hour Teacher Training

Studio owners, mentor aspiring instructors to get Beyond 26+2, a  200+ hour
teacher training with independent study requirements. Provide any level of
support you can offer as a scholarship or work-exchange agreement.

Send four (4) students, receive a 50% discount for yourself, send eight (8) for a
complimentary workshop.

Mentors for Beyond 26+2 provide encouragement to practice, take an
anatomy course and complete the independent study requirements.
After the workshop aspiring instructors are ready to begin
teaching the required 30-class teaching internship.

During the 30-class teaching internship mentors should be available to
provide feedback, answer questions, provide moral support and make sure
they complete the independent study requirements for the letter of validation
for teaching.

Tony Sanchez

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