Tony Sanchez Yoga

Year of Celebrations

Greetings Yogis & Yoginis:

Celebrating 40 years of practice, my focus is on practitioners in 2016,
which includes instructors and aspiring instructors.

Launched my best-ever workshop series but, by popular request,
re-structured it into a 16-day intensive to learn more in less time
and save.

Beyond 26+2 is optimised to enhance your practice and teachings.
Workshops begin by expanding on what you already know as a
26+2 practitioner. Anyone ready to learn and practice more within the
Ghosh lineage will learn and enjoy.

Taking my new workshop on the road to Aldea la Quinta Health Resort in
Marbella, Malaga, Spain in May and September 2016. Started in Canada but
things did not work out. Apologies to Toronto fans.

Beyond 26+2
Tony Sanchez Yoga
Level 1, 2 & 3 –
Ghosh Lineage

14-29 May 2016
17 September – 2 October 2-16

Home practitioners start with Core26+ Home Practice Primer – details

Workshop Upgrades:

  • Replacing the Core26+ workshop with Tony Sanchez Yoga, Level 1

Level 1 includes the postures in 26+2. Additional
postures provide a more complete workout to be
modified or intensified, as needed, for personal
practice or teaching. Learn the fundamentals for a
sustainable practice.

  • Master’s Core, aka: Core40 is even better as Level 2:

Level 2 includes half of Ghosh’s system for intermediate
to advanced practitioners and instructors. Create systems
for practice or teaching, modify as needed. Advance at
your own pace.

  • Advanced Practice is much more practical in Level 3:

Level 3, for advanced practitioners who want to deepen
their personal practice and knowledge about the Ghosh lineage. Includes the remaining postures in the system.

I created two systems to provide a path for learning and mastering
Ghosh’s system that is sustainable, progressive and practical.

Join me in Marbella, Malaga, Spain in May or September 2016.

Tony Sanchez

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